The topic of 'the House' ('Jia' in Chinese), through travel's notebook, imposed itself within sight of the transformations of which China is the subject of - destruction of the old neighbourhoods (Hutongs) replaced by huge real estate's programmes. Eyewitness of this major change, we wanted to express and share our point of view through writings and photographs.

© Ocrebleue : Isa Meunier-Fleury & Elodie Jambert



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> November 2005 - France
While waiting to see the arrival in the kiosks of [ON] n°4, the French review of the 'Ogres' - here, ahead first, our participation in this edition of which the main theme is 'the House'.
The whole visual design is made by Isa, pages 1 to 4 by Elodie (writing, photographs) and pages 5-6 by Isa (writing, photographs).

Les Ocrebleues des Ogres

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